Gladiator School of Rome

The Gladiator School in Rome

It’s one thing to visit the Colosseum or take a guided tour with an expert on Ancient Rome, but if you really want to get a feel for what life was like 2,000 years ago there’s only one thing for it – get yourself to Gladiator School.

Not far from where the ordinary tourists are taking a leisurely stroll around the Colosseum and the Forums, you could be taking a crash course in the same combat techniques used by Roman gladiators.

The setting for each two-hour lesson is just off the ancient Appian Way, once one of the major roads into Rome. Not only will experts show you the secrets of using the weapons of Imperial Rome but you’ll also take the lesson in full Gladiator clothing.

Lessons take place throughout the day so it’s easy to fit them in around other sightseeing plans and are organized by the Historic Group of Rome who specialize in re-enacting Roman life and gladiatorial combat.

Anyone taking a lesson has the option to take part in a gladiator tournament with prizes for the best. Even if you don’t end up as the Russell Crowe of your team, every participant gets a certificate of accomplishment. The school also has a great viewing platform for family & friends who want to cheer you on without taking part in the action in the amphitheater. Entrance for spectators is free.

You can book a lesson at the Gladiator school exclusively through Rome tour specialists Viator. Each ticket includes everything needed for the lesson including clothing, weapons, free refreshments, and free entrance to the school’s own Rome Museum.

If you like the sound of an Ancient Rome themed tour but prefer walking to combat, be sure to take a look at Viator’s other Rome tour options.