The Vatican, Christmas Eve 2004

I’m not at all religious – quite the opposite – but I’ve always loved wandering around St. Peter’s Square, The Vatican and all the backstreets that lie between it and the river….


Rome Audio Tours for your Smartphone or Tablet

If you like the idea of an expert tour of Rome but don’t like the idea of walking around with a group of other visitors then an audio tour of the city…

Hotel Villa Borghese in Central Rome

Green Rome: Villa Borghese

Even the biggest fan of Rome occasionally needs to get away from the noise, traffic and tourists. Fortunately, Rome is an incredibly green city with a lots of parks, the most famous of which is Villa Borghese.

Rome Termini Station

Rome Train Station & Italy Rail Travel Info

Rail is a great way to see more of Italy and it can be pretty inexpensive if you know a secret tip or two.


Trastevere – Bars, Restaurants and History

Trastevere is one of the most popular areas of Rome. By day you’ll find it’s a hive of activity, full of busy restaurants, cafes and bars (many with Wi-Fi access) art galleries…

Piazza Navona, Rome

Piazza Navona – Home of the Most Famous Fountains in Italy

Take a stroll a little west of the Pantheon and you’ll find the narrow streets suddenly open to reveal one the biggest and liveliest squares in Rome – Piazza Navona. The piazza…

The Colosseum at Night

Visit Rome Colosseum – The Most Famous Building in Italy

The Colosseum in Rome is probably the most famous building in Italy, if not the world. When building was completed in the year AD 80, the Colosseum was known to Romans as…

The Vatican at Night

Visiting the Vatican – Tours, and How to Avoid the Lines

Italy is home to the world’s smallest country, the Vatican, which is a non-permanent home to around 800 people and covers only about 0.2 square miles. Also called The Holy See, the…

The Gladiator School in Rome

Gladiator School of Rome

Have you got what it takes to be a real Roman Gladiator? Now you can find out at the Gladiator School of Rome.

Central Rome

Rome Bus Tours

There are three main types of tours in Rome – walking tours, bus tours and bike tours. Bus tours are a great way of seeing a number of Rome attractions in one…